Clean Drinking Water

Lack of access to clean drinking water causes water borne diseases which leads to wage loss among the adults and absenteeism and dropouts among the children

Clean Drinking Water Khairpada

Every year 100000 children die due to preventable water-borne diseases (Source: UNICEF 2015)

Clean water is one of the top 15 global challenges facing humanity. (The

We have a proven record in providing clean drinking water to rural areas benefiting villages, schools, colleges, hospitals, and community centers.

Access to clean drinking water drops the threat to health across the village served. It reduces the wage loss among adults due to fewer instances of illness, a significant drop in school absenteeism among children and better immunity among women.

We select appropriate technology as a viable solution in the community, implements the solution, and monitors the on-going operation and the resulting benefits for five years.

Key Features: Our Ultra Filtration Units are cost-effective, need very little space (only 2.5 sq. ft), are easy to maintain, require no electricity and chemicals, waste minimum water and come in varying capacities.

Target areas for plant installation include Local CSR areas as per the contributor’s interest, villages, camps, educational institutions, hospitals, and community places.

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