Low-Cost Infrastructure


The vicious cycle of poverty often doesn’t end because basic necessities of life aren’t fulfilled. Health expenses increases as families live in inhumane conditions. We help families attain a hygienic and dignified life with our Low-Cost Infrastructure projects. The subsidy support provided by the government is good for a basic infrastructure, we aim to add value to it with donor support.

Our projects under this initiative are –

Low-Cost Sanitation
Low-Cost Housing
Cattle Shed Project

We’ve received support from CSR, Individual Donors, and International Foundations like Habitat for Humanity


Unfortunately, a significant population of India still practices open defecation. The rate of girl pupils dropping out from schools due to lack of sanitation is very high in rural areas. To improve these circumstances, we support IHHLs (Individual HouseHold Latrines) and School Sanitation. We specifically focus on stopping Open Defecation, hence we also conduct IEC (Information Education & Communication) activities to bring about a behavior change


ANARDE Foundation as an implementing agency constructed more than 8000 low-cost houses in Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat. As a mediator, ANARDE has made available loans to the beneficiaries, from various funding agencies like NABARD, Bank of Baroda, SIDBI, and Habitat for Humanity and Govt. of India’s schemes like Sardar Awas Yojana and Indira Awas Yojana. Under these schemes, interest-free loans were given to the needy on the basis of repayment.


A happy and comfortable cow means higher productivity. Most farmers also depend on their cattle’s dairy productivity for a secondary income. In most rural areas, cows are tied to poles/trees and they end up hurting their hoofs and horns. A cattle shed with proper water supply system, waste disposal system, and comfortable environment leads to higher productivity of lactating cow.  It not just enhances farmer’s income but also keeps their cattle safe.

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