A village’s progress depends on how best the available resources are utilized for its benefit.

The biggest resource of a village is its residents.
Each village has three primary type of residents

  1. Farmers
  2. Youth
  3. Women

We work with all three groups for capacity building and training.

For farmers, we undertake projects which train them regarding best practices and new methodologies of farming. We also implement irrigation projects in association with government bodies like SSNNL and WALMI.

We work with unemployed youth and women to help them with income generation and income enhancement, this is achieved with our Skill Development Programs

farmer pic

To understand a region’s requirement we interact with local companies and government authorities. Based on that we evaluate skill development projects which can help the beneficiaries. We source instructors and necessary equipment as required for every project and on completion help the attendees with monetizing their skills. Our emphasis is on skills related to technology, e.g. mobile repair and upcycling of natural resources, like making artifacts out of fiber from Coconut/bamboo/okra (Ladies Finger), making eco-friendly idols etc.

We link potential groups and entrepreneurs with financial institutions for starting their own venture.

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