Organization Profile


On the 1st of April 1979, ANARDE was incepted with the objective to uplift and empower rural India. As of now, we have a proven success track record of more than three and half decades in developing and empowering Rural India with the sole objective of Income Generation and/or Income Enhancement.

In the first phase, we implemented projects in five villages in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Where we trained farmers with state of the art farming technology. As a catalyst, it helped them avail agricultural loans from banks and proved a successful model in the area. In the later phase, 50 more villages were assisted by this model. The model enabled farmers to earn sustainably.

In next stage, we started working on Govt. projects of Skill Development for youth including Vocational Training, Entrepreneurship Development model with skills such as Tailoring, Electrical, Plumbing and Carpentry, last but not the least forming Self Help Groups among rural women empowerment for self-sustenance and self-employment. We’ve contributed extensively in Water Management & Conservation, Financial Inclusions, Low cost housing and sanitation in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

ANARDE Foundation has received the status of implementing agency by the District Rural Development Agency-DRDA of India. We have created more than 15,000 small entrepreneurs till date.

Our Philosophy:

The impulse behind our catalytic services is to ensure that all resources in rural areas are fully utilized by its people. All rural resources in their native dwellings must be utilized to the fullest resulting in equality in urban and rural India.

Our perspective in developing rural India is:

  • Water is life, Water is a Human right! Village water should remain villages.
  • Youth should stay and enjoy its wealth by remaining in their native villages
  • Village wealth should be utilized for the benefit of villagers


ANARDE is run by a dedicated and experienced work force, with headquarters in Mumbai and 14 centres across Gujarat State. The organisation aims to achieve integrated rural development and has striven to further holistic development through human centred social work interventions. Our key strengths are team work, people’s participation and freedom of project design and implementation. We facilitate a network with govt officials, contributors and other NGOs to drive social development.


Late Mr. Kapoorchand M. Chandaria was our visionary leader and founder of ANARDE Foundation. His ideology was simple – rural resources must be exploited by rural masses themselves, as they own them.

The village water should remain in the village.
The village youth should stay in the village.
And lastly, the village wealth should stay in the village itself.

His ideology continues to be the guiding principle for ANARDE Foundation
The Chandaria Charitable Foundation Trust runs 4 Uttarbuniyadi schools in Jamnagar for underprivileged rural children. The schools are run with the help of government aid. We are pleased that the Ravalsar school has been honored as the “Best school of Jamnagar district” for three consecutive years.

The benefits to Donors and Partners of ANARDE include:

80-G Certificate No.DIT(E)/MC/80G/913/2009-10
FCRA Registration No. 083780317 with The Ministry of Finance
Social Impact Analysis (SIA) of projects implemented.
A better social image and the resulting stakeholder confidence.

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