Success Stories

Anarde Foundation’s Habitat for Humanity program has changed the lives of toiling farmers from the hilly tribal belt of the Dharampur taluka. The program provided interest-free loans to construct solid homes from ramshackle dwellings thereby helping the farmers to start life afresh. Local representatives of the Anarde Foundation assisted the farmers in completing the formalities for the application process and make it a hassle-free experience for the farmers.

Meet Mrs Daxaben Thakarya from Karanjiveri village, a hilly tribal belt. Her family barely survives by cultivating vegetables and sugarcane and tending to animals. It is a tough task to raise a young family and support the education of her children.

Daxaben had meagre savings for the construction of a solid, pucca home for the family. ANaRDe foundation facilitated the grant of Rs. 25,000 interest free loan whereby giving Daxaben and her family a fresh start of life.

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Mr. Ramdasbhai Tulasiyabhai Dalvi on his meagre family income, was struggling to find a bride for his son due to the lack of a good, solid home. ANaRDe foundation has made it possible for Mr Ramdasbhai to find a good match for his son, by offering a loan to build a pucca, solid home. Ramdasbhai’s dreams have been fulfilled and his son is well settled with the timely and hassle free help from ANaRDe foundation.

Meet Binalben Prajapati from Palanpur village. She is a 26 years old divorcee and mother of a young son. Being forced to return to her poor parents’ home, after the divorce, she was struggling to live with the guilt of being a burden on her already impoverished parents. She had the gift of tailoring, however struggled to make stylish dresses on her half shuttle sewing machine. Mr. Bhuwa from ANaRDe foundation, helped her obtain a donation of Rs. 3500 from Dr Vikram Mehta and she was able to buy a new sewing machine. Binalben is now a happy and confident seamstress earning a decent living and is very grateful to the ANaRDe foundation for giving her a new lease of life.

From an ordinary daily wage earner I became a successful businessman.

Here’s another uplifting story of Galabhai Majirana from Deri village of Amirgadh taluka. Galabhai lives in an adivasi area and the lack of education forced him to make ends meet by working in a sweet store kitchen. Mr. Rajput of the ANaRDe Foundation mentored Galabhai to train in an entrepreneurship programme and learn business skills.

Galabhai put his foundational entrepreneurship skills to use and started a small business of Mandap decorations and Catering. Hardwork and the timely training has played a key role in growing Galabhai’s business and he now is the proud owner of a sweet shop and has thriving Mandap decoration and Catering business. He is thankful to ANaRDe foundation for the timely guidance that has opened new doors for him.

ICICI Bank Loan For Ashaben

Ashaben Pandya hails from Shivnagar, a backward area of THARAD Taluka. She and her three sisters lived with their widowed mother and barely sustained themselves with labour work. She is educated up to 10th standard of schooling and is a leader at the Aashapura Sakhi Mandalas. ANaRDe foundation helped her to do a tailoring course and introduced her self-help group to the ICICI Dharnera branch for a loan of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Ashaben started her own tailoring business with five other women and is now able to support herself financially. She has managed to repair her old dilapidated home and construct a toilet as well.

I was homeless after I left my drunkard husband but ANaRDe secured me a home.

Mr Pareshbhai Prajapati of ANaRDe foundation was able to help Hansaben Vaghaniyal from Vadhana village to complete the construction of her home by organising 17 bags of cement through the donor fund of Mr. Vikrambhai Mehta. Hansaben, a widowed mother, living with her brother’s family, was saved from selling her livestock to raise funds for the completion of her home.

A Bank Loan To The Self Help Group helped LATABEN

When Lataben Dhobi was striving to uplift her poverty striken family by starting a laundry business, obtaining a bank loan was a struggle. ANaRDe Foundation encouraged Lataben to join a self help group (Ambaji Sakhi Mandal). The foundation facilitated introductions with ICICI bank and Lataben’s self help group sucessfully secured a Rs. 50,000 loan. Lateben fulfilled her motives to start a laundry business providing financial security to her poor family and is making loan repayments through the business opportunity. Lataben’s business has changed her life and Lateben is thankful to the ANaRDe foundation for the loan facilitation.

LEARN To live life after as use (Gutka)

Mr Rameshbhai Ramjibhai Nai from DALWANA village was struggling with an addictive habit of consuming excessive amounts of Gutka and Tobacco. As a farmer engaged in animal husbandry, Rameshbhai’s was unable to control his weakness of chewing tobacco.

The ANaRDe Foundation had formed a self help group in Dalwana village and was providing interest free loans to members of the group. Rameshbhai’s mother and wife were members of this group and while Rameshbhai desired to get a loan to purchase a new buffalo, his addiction to gutka was a violation of the loan pre-conditions. Rameshbhai therefore attended a one day shibir (workshop) of “Vysan Mukti” which educated him about the evils of chewing tobacco. ANaRDe foundation’s staff also counselled Rameshbhai and provided guidance to help him get rid of the bad habits. Upon following the advice diligently, Rameshbhai was able to renounce his bad habits for good. Today Rameshbhai is financially stable and is effectively pursuing farming through the interest free loan from the self help group.

The Tailoring line has aided me quit my job of Mud work.

21 year old Alkaben Prembhai Prajapati from a large family of five sisters and brothers manufactured frying pans, working with mud and clay the whole day.

Mr. Prajapati of the ANaRDe Foundation organised a self help group meeting for women and started the Dena R Shetty training institute for tailoring in PALANPUR. Alkaben enrolled in the new skills development training for a month and upon completion, her father purchased a sewing machine. Equipped with new skills and the machine, Alkaben turned her life around and started tailoring by making 6 blouses, earning Rs. 300/- per day. The new found self reliance helped Alkaben to get a suitable spouse and she is continuing her tailoring activity at her in laws home. Quitting the mud work in favour of tailoring has relieved Alkaben and her family – thanks to the training and guidance from the ANaRDe Foundation.

Dreams Comes true For Shankarbhai

Having studied up to 10th Standard in school, Shankar Bhai Kharadi of the KHEMRAJIYA village of Amirgadh Taluka worked in a cloth-shop earning a meagre living of Rs. 3000 per month. Being constrained with only know-how of the cloth industry didnt get ShankarBhai far in life.

To free Shankar Bhai from the binding constraint, Mr P.C.Rajput of the ANaRDe foundation encouraged him to enroll within a business entrepreneurship training program of the Ekbaladh CED Trust. Equipped with fresh knowledge and skills, Shankar Bhai secured a loan of Rs. 25,000/- and started his own business. Growth of the on-going business allowed him to purchase cloth and materials worth Rs. 50,000 from Surat and also repay his loan installments.

Shankar Bhai is proud to own a shop in the Ekbalgadh market and with a flourishing business earning Rs 2 Lacs, has educated his children. This has been a transformation for ShankarBhai who had hailed from a aadivasi origin.

Training for a new career

A mechanical course from ITI had trained Dipakbhai Gajjarbjai Patel from Ekbalgadh village of the Aamirgadh taluka for a different future. However the circumstances forced him to undertake labour work.

Mr. P.C. Rajput of The ANaRDe Foundation guided DipakBhai about the government’s schemes for entrepreneurship. As a first step, Dipak Bhai borrowed some funds from his close friends and setup an Engineering work shop with his brothers. A lack of business acumen and courage hindered Dipak Bhai.

Mr Rajput of the ANaRDe Foundation advised Dipak Bhai to join the Ekbalgadh center for business entrepreneurship training. With the new found skills and confidence, Dipak Bhai re-started his Engineering work shop and started manufacturing sprinkler pumps for large groundnut and cotton farms. Finding a niche product allowed Dipak Bhai to employ two staff and provide a decent upkeep for his family. Training for a new career has set a new direction for this entrepreneur.

Tailored advice for a new future

Shankarbhai Bherabhai Khokaria from the Ghanghu village of Amiragadh Taluka didnt possess the skills to convert his tailoring experience to a decent livelihood for his family of seven. He struggled supporting his family through farming and labor activity and this led to frequent family conflicts. Mr. P.C. Rajput, an active worker of the ANaRDe Foundation guided ShankarBhai to enrol in the C.E.D trust’s training course of business entrepreneurship at EKBALGADH. Completing the training program, Mr Rajput also assisted ShankarBhai to secure a loan of Rs.10,000/- through a SHG. The loan and the new business skills allowed ShankarBhai to start a small scale tailoring business. Today ShankarBhai is earning Rs. 6000 per month. His family is doing well and the children are getting proper education. Tailored advice has led to a good outcome.

Affording a Photocopying Business

Kamleshbhai Amrital Joshi from the THALWADA village close to Vadgaon was looking forward to living independently instead of in a joint family. While Kamleshbhai wanted to start a photocopying business, the startup costs of setting up the shop and infrastructure were prohibitive.

A chance encounter with staff from the ANaRDe Foundation provided KamleshBhai the references to join the Shiv Shakti Self Help Group (SHG) and obtain a loan of Rs. 40,000 for the photocopying business. Demand for photocopying has provided good dividends and KamleshBhai is earning Rs. 7,000/- to 10,000/- per month which is enough for educating his children and also repaying the loan installments.


Hansaben Narsinhbhai staying at Nandotra village of VADGAON taluka didnt have land for farming. As a family of two children and a labourer husband, the family could not sustain its existence.

Hansaben was keen to start a business however could not afford the start up costs. A visit from Mrs Kalpanaben Bhajak from the ANaRDe foundation motivated them to start saving. They formed a SHG named SATNAM SELF HELP GROUP in their area and opened a savings bank account. Hansaben’s husband was a cobbler and wanted to start a grocery store.

A loan from the Gramin bank fulfilled the ambitions of Hansaben and her husband and by starting a business fulfilling a specific need, they soon started reaping the rewards of the hard work and business potential. Self help was the best help!

Words of gratitude from the Sartanji Family:

Mr Sartanji Velaji Thakor from Jagatapura village of Danta Taluka is grateful to the ANaRDe foundation for farming training and several loans for purchasing a buffalo and a retail grocery shop. Thanks to The ANaRDe Foundation and their guidance, the Thakor family is earning a combined income of Rs.1.25 Lacs per annum.

Navin Prajapati with the assistance of a self help group received training in farming and animal husbandry. The ANaRDe foundation helped him get a loan of Rs. 40,000/- to purchased five buffaloes for a dairy business. Navin now earns Rs. 20,000/- per month and is grateful for this new opportunity.

Bhemabhai Prajapti from the B.P.L family was debt ridden and had to pledge his farm. Retraining in new farming techniques through the ANaRDe foundation boosted his courage to perform better. With a bank loan, Bhemabhai levelled his land plot with a tractor and embraced new farming techniques. Now Bhemabhai has turned his finances around and also freed his land of all encumbrances.

Reaping benefits of the Land

Despite his best efforts at farming, Karamshi Bhai Prajapati from the ABHEPURA village could not make ends meet. A Farmers Training camp organised by The ANaRDe foundation taught Karamshi Bhai new and modern farming techniques. Utilising this knowledge in farming activity produced greater gifts from the land and enhanced Karamshi Bhai’s income. With the guidance of the ANaRDe Foundation, he was able to get a loan against his land for the purchase of a tractor and farming equipment. Today Karamshi Bhai earns Rs.50,000/- per month and feels blessed with the new start in his life, thanks to the ANaRDe Foundation.

Driving to success

Sarjubhai Dharmabhai Solanki from DANTA was an experienced driver, however lacked the funds to buy his own cargo carrying vehicle. A field worker of the ANaRDe Foundation facilitated a loan of Rs 1.80 Lacs from the ANUSUCHIT JANJATI VIKAS NIGAM BOARD. SarjuBhai is now the proud owner of a loading rickshaw and earns Rs.7,000/- to 8,000/- per month, thanks to the ANaRDe foundation.

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